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How the Snowflake Images Came to Be





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As a professional photographer, I specialize in outdoor and nature photography.  During Edmonton's long and cold winters, I would often go a little stir crazy trying to find some photographic projects to keep my creative energies flowing.  That finally changed for me in 2008.

During that winter I was shovelling the snow for the umpteenth time when my mind got to wondering.  As I shovelled I noticed the snowflake crystals accumulating on the sleeve of my parka and for the first time took a really close look at them.  I noticed that rather being just blobs of white that many had very interesting shapes and forms.  At the point I wondered to myself if there might be someway I could capture these intricate designs with my camera.

Upon returning to the warmth of the indoors I fired up my computer and set forth on a search to see if anyone else was doing snowflake photography.  I discovered that this was largely an unsaturated field of photography although there had a been a pioneer named Wilson Bentley (also known as Snowflake Bentley) who was the first person to photograph a single snowflake crystal back in 1885.  This bit of news excited me quite a bit as it is difficult to find an area of photography that isn't saturated with work.

I set to the task of determining just how to photograph the snowflakes.  It took a lot of experimentation with equipment and lighting but finally I started to make images that I was happy with.  Now I have a permanent installation of a snowflake photography that is housed in my unheated garage.

Now during Edmonton's often long and cold winters when it is snowing and the conditions are just right (temperatures between -10 Celsius and -18 Celsius) and the sky is producing some wonderful crystals, you are sure to find me bundled up and standing outside in the snow allowing snowflakes to accumulate on my sleeves.  When I spot an interesting flake I attempt to pick it up with a small paintbrush and then I rush it into my snowflake photography studio where I set up lights and backgrounds to try to illuminate the wonderful intricate designs in these ice crystals. 

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